A Homeowner’s Guide to Planning Custom Drapery

Did you know that custom drapery can help improve privacy while increasing energy efficiency?

Whether revamping your old home’s interior design or decorating a new property, custom draperies are a great option if you need window treatments to protect your furniture from harmful UV rays.

There are numerous ways that custom made draperies can enhance the look of your humble abode. For example, you can always get various custom drapery designs that complement your existing décor if you do not want massive changes.

This is the perfect way to make any space more relaxed and inviting. Otherwise, you may get sunburnt while lounging on your expensive recliner while watching a movie with too much glare on the TV.

Here is everything you need to know about custom window drapery to get the best deal and esthetic appeal.

What Are Custom Made Draperies?

Pre-made or custom-made draperies are long fabric curtains that are typically floor-length. They are meant to open and close easily across a window to provide you with the best light, heat, and privacy control.

You may come across some draperies that appear as stationary panels simply for decoration. These can be mounted on both sides of your window to add a lot of fullness and height to a room’s design.

Full-length custom draperies also add to the color palette in a significant way.

If you want to amp up the elegance of your home to create a spacious living area, you will love the fullness that custom draperies provide. Especially if you have tiny rooms and want them to appear less suffocating.

Why Get Custom Drapery?

Custom draperies can liven up any space. If you pick window treatments that do not match your interior design, you can ruin the visual appeal. It does not matter how luxurious and beautiful the rest of the space is.

Picking the right custom made drapery can go a long way to enhancing visual appeal. Many people do not realize the difference the right window treatments can make.

If you have a fantastic view outside your window, you should choose a solid color or white for your window coverings. This way, your custom window drapery will not distract from the gorgeous view.

After all, what is the point of designing a stunning garden with a waterfall or gazebo if you cannot have loved ones admire it every day? If you need drapery to help tie a room together, you should go for treatments in similar patterns and shades as the rest of the room.

It also helps to opt for window coverings with the same color theme as your other fabric elements. This creates perfect visual harmony across your interior design.

Another reason to splurge on custom made draperies is to create a striking contrast against other objects in your room.

For instance, if you invest in bright yellow draperies, you could make any furniture and décor pop because it is such a gorgeous color that makes you feel warm and cheerful.

UV Protection

The best custom drapery can help provide UV protection. This is because you can control the amount of natural light that cascades into all your indoor spaces.

Otherwise, you may wake up randomly with tan lines you did not expect. Custom drapery designs will help increase energy efficiency and comfort. You do not risk damaging your furniture, flooring, or skin.

Many people believe that custom drapery will negatively affect outdoor visuals, but you can always find an excellent design that will achieve the opposite effect.

There is no rule where you must sacrifice comfort and safety from UV rays to enjoy outside views. The best option is to go for energy-efficient designs that balance sunlight access to allow more control over light blocking.

Precise Measurements

Custom drapery designs can be tailored to accurately fit your windows’ dimensions. This way, you can have the perfect measurements to help you control the light and heat most effectively.

Otherwise, you may struggle to fit draperies around your window if they arrive in a box from a retail chain. With limited options, there is always a risk that you may get the wrong size, color, or design.

Remember that poorly fitted window coverings do not offer the best sun protection or privacy. Thanks to custom draperies, you can get the most accurate measurements fashioned to fit your windows, unlike any other product.

You also have the freedom to make them short or long, depending on how you want your rooms to look. You also will never have to worry about the appearance of your windows after installation because you get to choose the texture, pattern, fabric, and design to know what to expect.

There are nearly limitless options for materials, so you have endless control over the custom design. Investing in custom draperies is an excellent way to focus on unique details to feel like your home has been designed professionally.

You can also benefit significantly from functionality like motorization or blackout drapes. Thanks to professional installation, you can count on getting the best fit for greater longevity because you deserve to look and feel like you are living in an elegant castle.

Custom Window Drapery Drawbacks

Many people get slightly put off by the higher cost of custom window treatments. After all, you may wonder why you should spend so much on customized drapes when so many outlets sell them inexpensively.

If you are on a budget, you may justify getting a cheaper set of curtains from the nearest furniture shop instead of designing your own. Custom drapes also take a long time to procure.

You may end up waiting a few weeks for your perfectly customized design, and this can drive people crazy a lot of times. Especially since we live in a world with Amazon Prime, where everything you order can arrive almost instantly.

However, it is worth noting that the higher upfront investment will lead to more extended durability, happiness, and functionality. You can expect a higher ROI by investing in custom drapes instead of frequently replacing the mass-produced ones.

Buying the wrong-sized drapes is also risky because your furniture or floor may suffer from too much sunlight and UV rays.

Although custom draperies take a while to arrive, remember that they are made carefully to suit your design and measurements. It is always worth waiting to see the drapes that you create come to life to impress loved ones when they visit your home.

Installation Process

The drapery rod must be mounted at least six inches on top of your window casing. Then it needs to be between 10 and 24 inches to the side of your window casing.

This allows space for your stack back, where your custom drapes will rest when you open them. You will need more room for the stack back if you have a wider panel.

The bottom of your drapes should hit around an inch above the floor. This is because the fabric can stretch over time, so you should always plan for these natural changes.

Planning Designs

When you get in touch with window treatment experts like us, the first step of the design process should be analyzing your specific needs.

This involves discussing your thoughts about decoration, light filtration, privacy, and even highlighting garden views more effectively.

Then your expert drapery company will examine your windows. This helps envision what design would look best by analyzing all the other elements around each window.

After all, you want your drapery design to visually enhance all other aspects of your room. A professional will need to see if there are any obstructions or if a radiator can flank the window.

If you have a small window that is off-scale, you may need a longer shade so that the window can look bigger. These are things that you cannot achieve with ready-made drapes. It helps to have an expert sketch out a personalized plan for your home.

Your drapery expert will have a lot of experience with various fabrics, designs, and sizes. Therefore, you must never be afraid to pick their brains to develop the perfect set of customized drapes to uplift your home.

Collecting Measurements

After determining your specific needs, your professional custom drapery fitters will collect professional measurements from your home. This is essential to decide on the depth of your window casings.

For instance, they will draw elevations of exact angles and measurements if they are designing a cornice. This is because precision is vital.

The goal is to avoid mistakes like incorrect sizes. Ideas will become cemented in complex numbers to use in the workroom, where your custom drapes will be designed and produced.

Development Phase

The design development phase is where the fabric and trim details are determined. This selection phase heavily relies on your budget because of the price per square footage of your chosen fabric.

Your drape expert needs to know how much yardage you need based on your window measurements. After the product is ordered, the fabric will be shipped to a drapery workroom, where it will be sewn carefully with a lot of love.

This is why production can take a long time because everything is done meticulously to suit your needs. Then you end up with drapes that nobody else will own because they are customized to your taste in elegance.

For the cornice, there may also be an on-site dry fit of the window frame. This ensures that the measurements are 100% accurate before full production.

By doing this, experts can prevent mistakes and delays that may cost more money. The best teams will always measure twice but only cut once to save your budget.

Professional Installation

On installation day, you should expect your drapery expert to come by to mount all your window treatments perfectly. This is where all those fabric samples and technical drawings that were causing a lot of anxiety will finally pay off as they come to life.

Remember to choose a reputable company from which to order your custom drapery. Otherwise, you may risk ordering from someone inexperienced who may get the design and measurements wrong. This will lead to many production delays that can cost you more money than expected.

Must-Have Accessories

Pairing the right accessories with your custom made draperies can significantly highlight their beauty. They also ensure that your property’s interior will have a stylish design that appears cohesive throughout.

The first accessory you need to focus on is getting the right rod. Homeowners must pay attention to investing in the right rod for their drapes.

Remember that your rod’s design will affect your drapes’ function and appearance after they are hung. This means you must carefully consider the type of rod you want to buy.

If you want to double up your drapery, you can use a tension rod for sheer curtains that will stay closest to the window. Then it would help if you thought about the finials. These cap off the ends if you have an extendable curtain rod.

They will be visible after your drapes are put up, so it is essential to have a good design that makes your windows look attractive. Always pick a shape that does not compete with any other design elements in your room.

Finally, you must put up drapes with hooks. Hooks are the best way to attach your drapes to the curtain rod. The kind of hardware you select will directly impact the overall style of your completed drapes.

Order Custom Draperies Today

Now that you know the benefits and installation process of custom drapery, it is time to invest in beautifying your windows. Remember that quality window covering relies on a well-orchestrated balance between the fabric’s texture, color, and pattern.

Then you need to think about the design of your accessories to ensure that you use the correct ones to hang each drapery panel. The best finials, hooks, and curtain rods will ensure you get your desired look.

Contact us today and our experienced professionals can help elevate the function and style of your home.